WAICU’s Mission:

Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities working together for educational opportunity.

“WAICU Career Connect is all about opportunities for employers and for future employees. Students and graduates from Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities have everything that employers want: communication skills, critical reasoning, creativity, and character. WAICU Career Connect is designed to be an entry point for employers to expand their talent pool and for students to find internships, first career placements, and more.”

Rolf Wegenke, Ph.D.

President, Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

WAICU is preparing the work force of tomorrow

  • WAICU graduates over 14,000 students per year.
  • WAICU grants 25% of all bachelor degrees and 35% of all graduate degrees.
  • At the bachelor’s level, WAICU awards 27% of engineering degrees, 27% of business degrees, and 41% of health profession degrees, including 54% of (BSN) nursing degrees.
  • At the graduate level, WAICU produces 100% of dentistry degree grads, 54% of medical doctors, 53% of physician assistants, and 41% of pharmacists.
  • WAICU also confers 46% of graduate education degrees and 48% of graduate business degrees.